Orthoticks | Additions
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Self Adhesive Additions and Top Covers for use with the Orthoticks Modular Pro

Orthoticks Additions


3MTM Self Adhesive Additions

  1. Met Domes Poron: Reduced height. Sizes S, M, L, XL
  2. Met Bars Poron: S, M, L
  3. Heel Raise EVA 5mm: S, M, L
  4. Heel Raise EVA 10mm: S, M, L
  5. Arch (MLA) Pads 3mm Poron: S, M, L
  6. Arch (MLA) Pads 5mm Poron: S, M, L
  7. Forefoot (FFT) Wedge EVA: Multiuse forefoot Varus & Valgus wedge, 1 Size
  8. Reverse Mortons Extension Poron: S, L
  9. Wedge Strip – 30cm EVA: Multiuse, Rearfoot Varus/Valgus Posts, Heel Raise, Cluffy Wedge and more…


3MTM Self Adhesive Top Cover (380x135mm)

  1. EVA Black
  2. EVA Pink Splash
  3. EVA Lime Splash
  4. EVA Blue Swirl
  5. EVA Black/Grey


DurafitTM Mini Rolls (25m x 125mm)

  1. Black Smooth
  2. Bronze Smooth
  3. Cocoa Smooth
  4. Skin Smooth
  5. Anthracite Semi-perforated
  6. Beige Semi-perforated
  7. Black Semi-perforated
  8. Blue Semi-perforated
  9. Camel Semi-perforated
  10. Cream Semi-perforated
  11. Lime Semi-perforated
  12. Magenta Semi-perforated
  13. Marine (Navy) Semi-perforated
  14. Orange Semi-perforated
  15. Silver Semi-perforated
  16. Skin Semi-perforated
  17. Stone Semi-perforated

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